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Your entitlement to the Private Health Rebate  is income tested from 1 July 2012.

This means from 1 July 2012, the Health Insurance Tax Offset is limited by income, as calculated in the tables below. If income is over the thresholds, the available rebate may be reduced or stopped completely.

Ask Us Tax would recommend you wait for your Private Health Insurance statement before completing your tax return due to the complexity of the calculations involved in determining your rebate entitlements.

Below is a table summarising the rebate entitlement:

Private health rebate

The rebate can be claimed..

  • as an offset in your tax return; or
  • as a direct payment; or
  • as a reduction in the premiums paid to the health insurance provider.

If you have claimed an incorrect % of the rebate throughout the 2015 income year, the difference will be payable or refundable on lodgement of the income tax return.