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Tax deductions for Teachers- Lodge your tax return here.

As a starting point, a deduction is only allowable if an expense is:

a)      Actually incurred;

b)      Meets the deductibility tests;  and

c)       Satisfies the substantiation rules.

Most occupations have specific work-related deductions for their industry.

The most common work-related tax deductions for teachers are summarised in a basic table below:

Deduction    Allowable  Not Allowable
Briefcase X
Calculators and electronic organisers X
Child care X
Clothing, uniforms and footwear    X *
     – Laundry and maintenance of clothing, uniforms and footwear    X *
Computers and software   X *
Conferences, seminars and training courses   X *
Depreciation of equipment X
Excursions, school trips and camps X
Fines X
First aid courses paid by employee, not reimbursed X
Fitness courses X
Glasses/contact lenses X
Home office expenses   X *
Insurance of equipment X
Meals X
    – Overtime meal expenses   X *
Newspapers X
Parking fees and tolls   X *
Professional library X
Removal and relocation expenses X
Repairs to equipment X
Self education expenses   X *
Social functions X
Student expenses X
Teaching aids X
Technical or professional publications X
Telephone, mobile phone, pager not supplied by employer X
Travel expenses
    – Accom, fares, meals, incidentals not reimbursed  X
    – Public transport fares or motor vehicle costs
                         – Home to work  X
                         – Home to shifting place of work X
                         – Between two places of work X
                         – Normal work to alternate place of work X
Union fees and professional association fees X
Watches (dedicated stop watches only) X

*Conditions apply.

If you would like to find out more about tax deductions for teachers, please contact us at Ask Us Tax. We have a number of clients who are teachers and are confident we can maximise your work-related deduction claims.