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Finance and Insurance
Organising finance and business accounts

Most financial institutions will require a business plan if you are seeking finance and that is why a business plan is so crucial! All financial institutions will request the business ABN and TFN to open a business bank account so it is important that you have these before contacting them.

Organising insurance

There are many different types of insurances available to manage and protect risk.

You can have business insurance of premises, plant & equipment, loss of revenue due to damage/theft.

You can have public liability insurance to cover damage to your client’s property, damage to another person’s property, financial loss as a result of your work, personal injury to your client or other person, death of your client or other person and financial loss to your client or other person.

You can have professional indemnity insurance which is required by certain professions such as dentists.

You can have key personnel insurance to protect your business when your key staff member is unable to work.

We recommend talking to your financial adviser or insurance representative in relation to your insurance needs.